Financial Resilience

Strengthening the socio-economic living conditions of the Jordanian population

What is Financial Resilience

The aim of our activities is to strengthen the resilience of population groups in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that have been particularly hard hit by crises especially through the creation and conservation of jobs. Our activities serve to support low-income families to increase their income by providing financial services for micro and small businesses. We also support families and owners of micro and small businesses by improving their financial literacy so that they can manage their income and expenses better, start saving and expand their businesses.

In the medium term, this has an impact on many areas of life. Because poverty does not just mean a lack of money – access to financial resources enables families, for example, to eat better, to send their children to school or to be able to use health services, economic participation, being able to save or avoid over-indebtedness.

German Sparkassenstiftung has been involved in the institutional strengthening of the microfinance sector worldwide and hopes to become a leading consultant and partner for the microfinance sector and the financial literacy movement in Jordan and the region.

We work with the following partners to implement our programs: